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Maximise your ROI, "Think Outside the Box"

At AGS, our owners' asset and investment are of paramount importance during concept development, pre-opening construction and planning, align with renovation projects and facilities under management to maximise revenue opportunities and deliver ROI. We analyse areas within the site to map out space allocation with the goal to maximise utilisation in all areas and deliver the most practical facilities that will create the best experience for members and guests, along with generating multiple dynamic revenue streams.

At Aquella Golf & Country Club, we were instrumental during planning and construction in preparation for turnkey management of the golf and country club.

We strategised with the owners and designers to develop an unutilised piece of land adjacent to the Driving Range as a Mini Golf Course with the goal to encourage non golfers to experience a "fun" golf format, along with a leisure activity for residents and families to enjoy. The result will be a great fun activity that will increase the exposure of the club's facilities, delivering opportunities for the club to generate incremental revenues through other venues such as F&B, Gym and Spa.


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