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Finance and Accounting Manager

Feb, 2020 | Absolute Golf Services


AGS is in the "Business of Golf". Our focus is in three key areas providing Consultancy services; facility management and golf event design. We add value to each business and facility by providing professional expertise in marketing and business development; golf course design, renovation, restoration and new builds; maintenance and operations and turn-key facility management services.

Our mission is to provide golf and resort business owners with sustainable solutions and the highest level of management expertise and services.

In short they are systems that ensure a smooth running operation that gives owners and developers PEACE OF MIND because your operations are in the hands of professionals who perform to the highest standards and work with you within approved budgets and timescales.



The job functions are twofold, with same reporting lines: 


Company related: 

To ensure the proper and smooth running of all activities of the company’s accounting department and ensuring the financial statements are correct as per company accounting standards and as per local law. 


Pre-opening and operating properties related: 

To ensure that support is given for the set up and application of AGS operating finance/accounting and related IT standards for all pre-opening properties to ensure a smooth transition to an operating status. For operating properties to provide support on all operational accounting applications as well as developing improvements for implementation. 




Company related: 

1. Ensure the accounting integrity of the records of each transaction. 

2. Authorize cancellation of checks, with supporting documents. 

3. Maintain a daily missing check record and investigate the reason for missing checks. 

4. Make sure that established procedures are adhered to. Correct any deviations immediately and report any irregularity to Managing Director. 

5. Preparation of the monthly financial statements. 

6. Ensure that the company office cash balance is kept liquid. 

7. Reconcile bank accounts each month for the regional office. 

8. Reconciliation of assets and liability accounts each month. 

9. Approve and follow-up with late charges and pending accounts. 

10. To ensure that the credit policies and procedures are adhered. 

11. Periodically review and up-date the credit policy to meet the changing circumstances. 

12. Follow up the long outstanding account and keep the management informed in the progress. 

13. Monitoring the credit limit of all accounts receivable. 

14. Daily review of the accounts receivable aging analysis. 

15. Daily review of all out-going statement. 

16. Daily review of all out-going reminders. 

17. Prepare monthly aging report. 

18. Review of monthly-end accounts receivable report. 

19. Review and approve purchase order before sending to management. 

20. Control expenses and update information to all concerned. 

21. Conduct monthly revenue forecasts, three month forecasts and yearly forecast to manage cash flow and conduct a cash flow forecast on bi -weekly basis. 

22. Review balance sheet reconciliation file and adjustment. 

23. Co ordinate annual audits and review audit file before audit. 

24. Maintain and develop company Financial SOP and Finance Manuals 

25. Assist in compiling and developing the annual operating budget for the companies 

- Schedule meetings and share all budget information. 

- Develop and implement local budget spread forms and procedures and timelines. 

- Ensure maximum involvement of Regional management teams in budget process as a training tool. 


Pre-opening and Operating Properties related: 

1. Involvement in the preparation of pre-opening budgets and working capital guidelines. 

2. Input to technical service/pre-opening team on operating equipment lists. 

3. Input to technical service/pre-opening team on finance and accounting manning and salary levels. 

4. Involvement on recruitment of finance and accounting teams. 

5. Leadership of preparation on initial operating year Annual Operating Plan. 

6. Training and task force assistance at the pre-opening stage. 

7. Review and audit of monthly financial statements prior to release. 

8. Review and commentary on operating properties Annual Operating Plans prior to release. 

9. Participate in internal audits of operating properties and monitor the status of audit recommendations and appraise the adequacy of follow-up actions taken on audit findings and recommendations. 

10. Continued development of the finance policy manual SOP’s and other tools for implementation. 



1. At least Bachelor degree in Accounting 

2. At least 3 years experience in overall supervision of accounting functions. 

3. Strong managerial and leadership skills and strong result oriented 

4. Strong in inter-personality skill 

5. Proficiency in English communication and computer literate

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