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AGS has launched the 30-day free trial package to help golf courses recover from Covid-19 Pandemic!


Absolute Golf Services, Asia’s leading golf and leisure management company, has launched an exclusive 30-day free trial package to help golf courses recover from the loss of business during the Covid-19 Pandemic and gain much needed market share

16th February 2021 – Bangkok, Thailand

Absolute Golf Services, under the lead of the Managing Director, James Shippey, a British PGA Professional with an impeccable pedigree and over 20 years in club management, has committed to help redeveloped and lead the growth of the Asian Golf Industry out of the Covid-19 pandemic crisis. Over the past 12 months, AGS has seen first-hand and realised the damages that have been caused to the industry by the Covid-19 pandemic impact. Leading from lack of tourists in the region to the knock-on effect on revenues, which subsequently impacts available resources for operating expenses, that are much needed to maintain the high standards that Thailand is renowned for, we have seen it all. Crossing over to 2021, AGS’s goal is to contribute to the industry recovery utilising our teams unique knowledge and expertise in golf club management to help get golf courses in Thailand and Asia back on their feet and ready for the success that will surely come. We all need to be prepared ahead for the recovery, to hit the ground running. People will travel and golf is one of the sports that has benefits from one the highest disposable incomes in the tourism sector; therefore, golfers will more likely to be the first group to travel out of their countries. As of now, we have already seen some Korean golfers in Bangkok. They are willing to go through the 14 days quarantine period in order to play golf and enjoy their time in Thailand.

Why wait to start until after the pandemic is over when you can prepare yourself now? This is the question that makes a lot of senses to us. At AGS, we always encourage the facilities we work with whether it be golf or leisure to stay ahead of the game by continuing to find areas to improve even during the tough times, there are always ways to improve, even if it is efficiencies and development of your teams. If you wait until the tourists have returned, then you may be too late to enjoy the resurgence that will come. All our businesses have managed costs very well over the past months, this for sure has an effect on operations, we can and are dedicated to support the process of business development and help further become more efficient in how you operate. Whether that be from, guest experience and service standards, golf course conditioning and agronomy, to the all-important sales & marketing and positioning. We have seen many venues lock down market exposure and stop proactive marketing, this is something that should never happen, all businesses should have a paramount aim of taking the largest piece of the pie, in the currant case, that is the domestic pie.. We know how to help you re-activated and be ready for what is coming and that is golfers… Even during these uncertain circumstances, the strongest players in the market will surely gain the success and higher revenues.

How can you prepare yourself for the future under very limited budget and lower manning? AGS realised how important it is to share our knowledge and expertise with all golf clubs and their operations to help improve the golf market landscape. Lowering prices and offering services for cheaper is 100% not sustainable in the long run, especially when golf course maintenance cost is still almost as high as before the pandemic. It is more effective to manage your financial spending V’s your revenues and find the right balance for your pricing and services in order to offer great golf and hospitality experiences to your customers, who are absolutely price sensitive right now. Your marketing campaigns will need to be well strategised instead of only offering “lowest of the low rates” promotions to public. Your golf course rack rates will soon be damaged, which could take years to recover and reposition rates, this coupled with your overall revenues dropping causing more operational stress on expenses, something has to give, or even break, this would typically the agronomy expenses, your largest fixed cost. This is a downward spiral to a continued loss of market share and revenues, which nobody can afford….

James Shippey expressed his opinion on the preparation for the recovery period “If you are serious about setting yourself up for recovery and guaranteed success, we will be happy to visit your course and provide you a sound strategy on what we can do for your business to thrive. We are confident that we can help to increase more than 10% of your round numbers, which will surely lead to high revenues. If we cannot achieve that then you won’t need to pay us even one $. This is our commitment and promise to all of you that we will do our best to help your golf club business to recover from its darkest days.”

Absolute Golf Services provides powerful advantages to owners and developers. The company offers flexible management and consultancy service developed to meet owners' objectives, both operationally and financially, driven by a dynamic multi-talented team of professionals to ensure sustainability and growth. AGS is committed to the development of the industry and is perfectly positioned to deliver to owners what is takes to win.

If you would like to talk to us more on how we can benefit your business, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. The start is as simple as a call at +66 (0) 88 339 8220 or e-mail

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